Care South

AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust are in to their third season working in partnership with Care South. The partnership encompasses two main activities: the Extra Time Project and Walking Football.

The Extra Time project involves visiting the various Care South care homes across Bournemouth, Poole and other Dorset locations. As part of their interaction with the residents, the Community coaches take part in various activities; including sharing AFC Bournemouth memories through photos, and different items of memorabilia.

A crucial part of the Trust’s visit to the homes is to perform their Chair Football activity. The Community Coaches lead the session through encouraging the participants to pass the ball around the area, whilst remaining sat down. To build on the session, they then put in obstacles and also a goal, and so replicating more common football practises.

AFC Bournemouth winger, Marc Pugh, is the player ambassador for this project. As part of this he is heavily involved in coming out on visits to the various care homes, and also attending occasional Walking Football sessions.

“Most people associate the work the Trust does with young people, but as a family club, our aim is to engage with people of all ages and abilities across the local area. I am looking forward to working with the Trust and Care South and engaging with more residents over the course of the season.”


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