Connect With Care

The Connect With Care lesson comprises of 45 minutes in the classroom and 15 minutes outside and is aimed for years 3,4, 5 and 6.

The indoor practical lessons involve the delivery of covering the hazards that you can find on the internet, particularly that on the social networking sites, eg. Facebook and Twitter. The session includes a video demonstrating the dangers of having an open profile, containing too much information for everyone to see. This also includes prevention methods on how to stop anyone from looking at it.

The outdoor part of the lesson revolves around fun tag games that concentrate on prevention methods behind social networking sites, which are both fun and informative for the children involved. Player Ambassador, Andrew Surman regularly attends the sessions with the children, helping to teach them the dangers of the internet and how to be safe when using the internet

To book these sessions for you school or find out more information please contact the Community Office


AFC Bournemouth’s Community Sports Trust are thrilled to be working in partnership IT Support Business to deliver the internet safety initiative Connect With Care in local schools.

The scheme aims to educate pupils about potential dangers when using the internet when using their computers, smart phones and tablets.

Sessions are becoming increasingly popular and have proved to be invaluable for parents, pupils and teachers.

We’d like to thank IT Support Business Ltd for their support, and for more information visit their website:



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